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"Heirloom" in American Short Fiction

"Dissolution" in Necessary Fiction

"Jujugoo" in Paper Darts

"Verdict" in Hobart

"Sustenance" in Tin House online

"If You Hold Yourself Upright" in Shenandoah

"Pore Perfect" in Third Coast

"UFO" in Slice

"Paper Mache" in The Round


Other Writing

"Love in the Time of Adjuncting" in The Chronicle

Review of Simon Jacob's Saturn in DIAGRAM

Review of Hedy Habra's Flying Carpets  in Cutthroat

Review of Colin Winnette's Animal Collection in Cutthroat

Review of Aurelie Sheehan's Jewelry Box in Cutthroat


Interviews / Features

Interview in American Short Fiction

Decline/Accept Feature in Carve Magazine

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